This site will share some letters illustrated with photos about our recent trip to southern Africa.  They'll be about this length and similar to this.  I know some people don't have rich text, so can't receive photos and I know some people just don't want big stuff coming in their e-mail, so I hope you all will be able to enjoy them this way.

There will be some shots of us, where we stayed, and what we did:

Behind us are Jo and Ed Schamberger who were with us for half of the trip.  They are from Fort Collins, CO.  We know them because I went to high school in Japan with Jo's brother-in-law a million years ago.

There will be some close ups:

and some not so close ups:

You can see a lot more photos of Africa, paintings of wildlife that I have done, and also a catalog of prints available for you to order--she says hopefully.

So, what do you say?

Let's go!

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