Here are some shots from the afternoon we saw so many giraffes.  They weren't all right by the road, but we counted all we could see and got to thirty four.  Considering that they are not a herd animal that's a lot of giraffes!  This is not a good picture since it's through the windshield from the backseat--those are Tony's and Frank's shoulders on either side.  But I wanted you to see the big patterns on this giraffe.
Here are another couple of big guys.  You can tell how tall they are by the fact that the cameras from a high van when aimed straight ahead are below the stomach level.
Zebras could walk under them!
This was a nice family group.  You can see the old male on the left is darker than the youngster and the female on the right.
Another young giraffe joined them.........
..........and we enjoyed this little maneuver.
This is not the end of our seeing giraffes.
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