Monkeys are so cute!
These are vervet monkeys.  They spend time in trees and also on the ground.  It's hard to get them to pose for pictures............
...............and they are hard to photograph because their faces are  so dark and their  fur is quite light.  They have a little pink around their eyes too.
Each day when we went out from Oliphants we stopped for tea and a rusk at an overlook by the river.  It's a good place to look down on hippos and sometimes elephants.  Often there are baboons hanging around that you have to watch out for.  This morning we saw an adorable mother vervet monkey with a baby clinging to her and nursing sometimes.  We thought she was adorable.
We had closed our van windows, but another car up there hadn't.  As fast as you can imagine, this sweet little monkey jumped in through the partly open window, into the back seat, grabbed a roll of hard candy, and jumped out again--all with the baby still gripping her tummy.  The car owners ran yelling at her to get out, but she was long gone before they could even get to the car.  She ran up a tree and put on the innocent act again.  As you can see, the baby couldn't care less.
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