Sometimes in the Kruger Park, you have to slow down for things.
And sometimes you even have to stop altogether until someone makes up his mind.
This big herd of Cape Buffalo (bigger, meaner, tougher, undomesticatable cousins of the water buffalo most people are familiar with) was on both sides of the road and crossed whenever they wanted to.
We saw buffalo every day that we were in the park.  They are one of my favorites .
It's not too dangerous to go through the middle of a herd.  They keep big males on the perimeters for guarding the females and babies from predators.
With the head lifted at you, you can be sure you are being checked out.
Then the head lowered is just a reassurance that you'd better not mess with us.
Here's what they are protecting--lots and lots of mothers and calves.
These last three pictures are a good example of why one shouldn't take photographs in the middle of the day.  The light is much too harsh.
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