Here's a new species for the trip--the side-striped jackal.  He's bigger and furrier than the blackbacked, but not as fierce a hunter and scavenger.

I think I must have accidentally put in a slower film at Linkwasha.  And because nearly all the photographing was done at dawn or early evening, it wasn't fast enough.  I'm not real pleased with the photos from these couple of days.  We didn't get as close to the game here either,  Here are a couple of warties fresh from a good wallow.

Here are some large birds:  the crowned crane and the secretary bird.  I'm not proud of either of these photos, but they are such beautiful birds, I wanted to include them.  It's most unusual to see a secretary bird in a tree like this.  They stand nearly four feet tall.  The crowned crane has a gorgeous head, but we could never get close enough to show you properly.

Here are a male (on the left) and two female ostriches.  The male does the incubating at night so has black feathers.  His legs turn quite pink during the breeding season.  The females incubate the eggs during the day and have brown feathers to blend in with the landscape. 

More of one of my favorites, zebras--two mothers with young.

And speaking of young, I think this young wildebeest is just about old enough to stop this nursing nonsense, don't you?  Mama seems to think so too.

On our morning tea break, we looked at some bones that were lying around.  Simon showed us how to identify skulls and then quizzed us.  This was a warthog skull.

Simon and I take a little rest.

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