Our Ranger at Savuti was a San Bushman named Balipe, but I don't have a picture of him for some reason.  He was a font of knowledge about the flora and fauna of the area.   I do have a good picture of our Tracker, "Sweepers".

He spotted these lionesses for us.....

....and here's another one  of those expressions I love.

The big hippos are one of the few animals that scare me.

It's so hard to catch a shot of a hippo doing his yawning display.  He's saying, See these molars--don't forget what I can do with them.    I think hippos in the water listen, and when they hear you put your lens cap back on the camera, then they open their mouths really wide, like this.

Here's another of my favorites--Zebras

Savuti is famous for its elephants--especially in winter.  We saw many even though it was only fall.  From big old bulls like this one-tusker......

........to show-off teenagers like this--warning us not to follow his family.  These guys are particularly brave when their Mamas are behind them.  The rangers say they are just mock charges, but they sure do give a thrill--they sometimes get very close.  The rangers pay a lot more attention if the threatening elephant is a big old bull in musth.

And hyena are not always just lurking in the night.  Sometimes they stroll in the late afternoon sunlight.

Next we go to a houseboat camp on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe.

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