I'll have to admit,  I'm getting tired of choosing backgrounds and font colors, but I'm enjoying putting the trip on paper--or should I say machine.   I hope you're enjoying it too.

Here are some wild dogs we saw at Mombo.  It was very early morning so the light isn't great.  They started to hunt, but didn't continue.

Mostly they just played around like any young dogs.  There was lots of high pitched squeaking and yelping along with the ambushing and tackling.

Not for the squeamish-- we had a really good look at a rock python.  It was about nine feet long.

From there it turned towards us and as it got close, lifted its head at us, which was a little scary.  The ranger said it was trying to get into the shade under the vehicle so we drove away quickly when it was about three feet from us.  I had to use the point and shoot camera again.

Here are a couple of final shots from Mombo.  A magnificent baobab tree........

........and another spectacular African sunset.

Savuti Camp in the Chobe area of Botswana will be next.

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