Gemsbok are very handsome animals.  Their coats are a beautiful pink-y beige and the markings are so distinct.  Their horns are so long, straight, and pointy that you wonder how they can handle them, but apparently they are very good for protection from attacking predators.  Here is an adult with young that could be a textbook picture of the species I think (in all modesty, of course....LOL)

This guy apparently has some second thoughts about going out on the Pan to get at that grass.

What's this--old fence posts from a lost tribe?

No, it's gemsbok lying down in the tall grass.  Very funny to see!

The other new species we saw in Namibia was Springbok.  It's the national animal of SA, but we had never seen them there.  Here's a male waiting for some females to come by and like him and also one who's already collected his harem.

You know I always have to throw a few birds in.  Here is our old friend the lilac breasted roller and also a pale chanting goshawk.

Our first elephant appears next!

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