The Damara Dik-dik has got to be one of the cutest little animals you could ever see.  They are only 15 inches tall at the shoulder and their eyes bug out so they can see the enemy coming from all sides.  The black dot below the eye is a scent gland with which they mark their territories.  The dik-diks were all over the Mushara grounds--it's safe in there since there are no predators inside the fence.

Got a little itch there.

Don't you love this "hair do"?

From the really cute to the so ugly it's almost cute--here's a big warthog--or maybe I should say wart-sow.

Her baby had been wallowing in a tire rut in the road, but ran back to mom when we got too close.

Here are some black faced impala which are found only in Namibia.  I personally think the regular impala are a little prettier.  Drinking is a such a vulnerable position that it took a lot of time and courage for them to finally go down and get a drink.

As you know from my website, (hint, hint) we've gotten wonderful pictures of all the big creatures, so I hope you're enjoying some of the lesser photographed animals.

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