As you go down the Cape of Good Hope there is a stopping place for viewing, eating, and of course, buying souvenirs.
Here's the view to the West.  My scanner doesn't do justice to the color at all.   And the air was wonderful !   We were so lucky with the weather--three beautiful days in a row--apparently a rarity in Cape Town.
Here's the view to the east with the four intrepid travelers.
On all the rocks, and on most of the cars in the parking lot, there were baboons lounging around.  They were very bold.
Frank's polarizer filter on his long lens proved itself here.  The Cape baboons had a rougher longer coat than the ones we saw further north.  This one is on top of the restaurant.
These two kept leaning over to see if someone might drop something or offer them a snack, which is mightily discouraged.  They can be quite dangerous.  The fellow sweeping up trash in front of the restaurant put his  broom to his shoulder like a gun and these two ran screaming off, which makes one wonder how they learned that!
Baboons are such a part of the Cape that there is even this great bronze statue of them.
Knowing the senses of humor of some of my readers, I wish there was more space between the baboons and this shot of Bill and me!  It was such a lovely spot that we couldn't resist having our picture taken so near the end of the land and the end of the trip.
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