We had made arrangements for a guide around Cape Town because we didn't want to drive ourselves.  Not too long before we started our trip he became unavailable.  So I asked my friend at church, who is from Cape Town, if she knew anyone.  It just so happened that her friend from CapeTown was visiting and that's one of the things she does--takes people around the area!  I had met her before and knew we already loved her personality so it seemed too good to be true that she would be there when we were in between weddings of her children.  We were so lucky to have Gaye and Vic to take us under their wings and we saw everything in the few days we were there.  They also served us a wonderful South African dinner in their home overlooking Hout Bay which you'll see the magnificent views from soon.
We had such a good time with them!  If you ever need a CT guide, let me know.
We were also in a Combi so everyone had room and a view from the van.  We drove around the city and had lots of views of the wonderful hills  that surround  Cape Town.
There are lots of overlooks from which to see downtown.  It has  a good port and nice harbor.  The day was hazy which washes out the color, but we had three really good days weather-wise, which they said never happens.  Unlike Johannesburg, which is said to have no weather, Cape Town has a lot of it.  Wind and rain are very common.
Here's another overview.  We will visit that yellow building in the center about a half inch from the bottom later.
We also drove all around downtown and saw various famous places, including Green Market Square, a large open air place with people selling all sorts of things.  We only drove through, but were accosted by youths begging and trying to reach in and take anything they could get their hands on.  A lady in our hotel had her purse taken there.  What a shame that it's become such a center for petty thievery that pretty soon no one will go there. 
They have converted two big sheds near the waterfront into similar markets where people can safely offer their arts and crafts and which people can also safely visit.  They don't let those with no business there into the sheds.  We spent a lot of time in the sheds and made some good purchases.
There are also some very quaint restored areas of the early city that are fun to see.  The Victoria and Albert Waterfront is a must too for tourists.
Here's one of the early streets showing the Cape Dutch architecture.
And part of the waterfront........
The view from the waterfront is great!
You may notice that we're not as much picture takers in cities as in the bush.
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