Baboons are so funny to watch!  Every time we saw some and took pictures, Frank would say that this was the last film he was going to waste on baboons, but the next ones  would be so cute that we would take more.
Babies all over the road!
And so adorable!
Mama doesn't seem the least disturbed by the car so close.  When it's time to nurse the baby, you nurse the baby.
These two are just plotting what mischief to get into next.  Do you think Spock fathered the one on the right?
These two did a lot of grooming with their parents and then found some goodies to eat.  We'll meet the parents in a later letter.
This was my favorite of all the babies we saw!  I'm sorry the picture is not better, but he is so cute with those big ears that I had to include him.  He's about three weeks old and still quite pink.
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