There were a lot of giraffes in Kruger on this visit.  One afternoon we counted 34 different ones that we saw.  (More on them in another letter)  They are really, really tall.  A zebra could walk under a giraffe.  Here are a half dozen giraffe head shots.  You can tell that we definitely had to look up to see them.  Taller than the trees..............
Giraffes have great eyelashes too.
And from a different angle............
His tongue is just starting out to wrap around a branch and get some leaves.  You can tell this is a male because the horns are thicker and the hair is worn off the ends from fighting.
A lot of them look as though they have a 'chaw of tobacky' in their cheek.
These last three were originally against a plain light gray sky which I found boring, so I jazzed them up a little and also put little fake vultures in the sky so you would know it wasn't real.
There's that tobacco again.
She looks down at us with what looks like pity for us little beings.
This one's got a big cud in there.  I hope you get the feeling of how high in the air their heads are--six meters or close to nineteen feet--basketball hoops are ten.  Giraffes could look in second story windows.  Whole giraffes later!
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