The best places to photograph birds in Kruger Park are the camps and the lunch places where you can also get out of the car.  But you do see some as you drive along.  Here's a black bellied korhaan.
The hornbills are among the more bold birds around the picnics.    There are nine different hornbills but the most common are these two who watched Tony cooking breakfast very closely.  Yellow billed first and then red billed.
The adorable weaver birds are everywhere.  Here's a lesser masked weaver  sitting on the cooler waiting to see what's for lunch.
They are colony nesters and you often see trees filled with their nests.  We also saw a colony in the tall reed grasses below a bridge.  There are several long bridges over the many rivers on which you are allowed to get out of the car and look around.  All those little yellow spots are weavers.
There was a giant kingfisher that we saw day after day on a bridge.  At first we took photos from afar.
But finally we got closer.   This is a magnificent bird, nearly 18 inches/45cm, from bill tip to tail tip is wonderful to watch diving into the river for little fish.
Later I'll have another letter about the weaver birds making their nests.
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