Two of the bigger antelopes that we saw in Kruger were the kudu and the waterbok.   The waterbok is the one that doesn't taste good to big cats because of the bad smelling oil in his skin.
Of course, the waterbok's most prominent identifying feature is the circle of white around the rear.  You can see how much shaggier the coat is too.
The Kudu looks really regal with his magnificent curling horns.  Nearly as big as a   horse,  he can jump very high also.  The females are called cows, but I think
 kudu ewe sounds better.  What you notice about them first is the ears.  They can turn them independently to listen in all directions too.
Kudu are browsers, but we've seen them grazing as well.  The young ones look more reddish than the adults.
Here's a pretty kudu browsing.
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