Bok is the Afrikaans word for antelope.  It's so much easier to spell !  There are lots of different species and we saw most of them. 
This is a steenbok.  They have such delicate legs!
We were very lucky to see a pair of common duiker.  In the guide book they are described as the shy, elusive common duiker--sort of an oxymoron.
Bushbok are often seen in the camps and around the picnic areas.  They have just a few spots scattered on their sides near the back.
Impala are by far the most common antelope.  You see them in the road, and on both sides, in herds of breeding females with one male and in small bachelor herds too.  Often they decide to all run across one way or the other and right in front of you.   They often do spectacular jumps which you're never quite ready to catch on film.
The young ones are so adorable with their skinny little legs.  That M on their rears stands for MacDonalds because they are the fast food of Africa.
They have rather sly facial expressions sometimes.  Here are a mature buck with a great set of horns, a graceful doe, and a young buck with cute little horns.
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