While the cute little guy watched,
there was much stretching............
........and yawning,
as the lionesses got ready to hunt.  They spotted a giraffe with a young one and began to stalk.  This one twitched and inched forward.
The mother giraffe saw exactly what was going on and left the baby in place--we couldn't see the young one well enough to take a picture--and very boldly moved way around to the side of the lions to distract them.
Most of the lionesses watched the big giraffe, but this one never took her eyes off the baby.
The giraffe really tried to get their attention off her calf.
Suddenly, the lioness got up and started rapidly towards the baby.
When the mother giraffe saw this and realized that her ploy wasn't working, she ran back to the baby and together they ran away into the thicker bush.  We were happy for the giraffes, but sad for the lions.
The pride all got together again and went on farther.
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