Is there anything cuter than a lion cub!  These cubs were a little older than the others we saw, but just as adorable.
They did look hungry too.
One doesn't realize how spotted lions' coats  are when they are little.
You can see this face maturing.
When we caught up with the pride again, the lionesses spotted a mother giraffe and her calf in the distance.  The lionesses lay down and it seemed as if they told the cubs to go over there, sit, stay, and be quiet.
Which they did.  They gathered in a shady spot which didn't help the photography at all.  It was wonderful to watch them observing everything that was going on.
And resting a little..............
......but watching the lionesses carefully.  (That is a lioness sleeping in the foreground--she knows that the others know what they are doing.)
Especially when one of them stalked closer.
Look at that younger one in the middle--he's ready to go help right now!  We really felt like the cubs were learning how hunting is done.
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