At Duma Tau we saw another group of lions that will require several letters.  Lincoln saw tracks and we took off into the bush, leaving the road far behind.   We roamed around for about 45 minutes and we were beginning to think Theba didn't know what he was doing, when suddenly, there they were, walking along, crossing right in front of us!  There were four lionesses and a dozen cubs of varying ages.
Most of the cubs had gone by by the time we got close enough to take pictures.   They were thin and Theba said they had hunted unsuccessfully in the night and that's why they were still moving this morning--looking for something to eat.
About thirty yards after the lionesses had gone by, here came "Himself"!
He was keeping them in  sight so he could eat first at whatever they might get.  He was a magnificent looking lion!
More on him in the next letter.
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