On the last morning at Duma Tau, Frank and Marge felt they needed time to reorganize their stuff and Bill still had the stomach problem that I had recovered from
............Lincoln, Theba, and I went out by ourselves in the big Land Rover that holds eight people! That's the way to do it. They stopped whenever I wanted to, for as long as I wanted to, went wherever I wanted to, I could ask all the questions I wanted to, and we also had fun with them quizzing me on birds. Theba was particularly pleased that I got steppe eagle as it was the first one of the season that he had seen. The first thing we spotted was Marge's binocular case which had apparently fallen out the day before. I was sure a lady baboon would have a new purse, but it was right there next to the track.
Besides those wonderful carmine bee eaters that were in a recent letter, we also saw some lionesses with cubs that we hadn't seen before. It was a pride that normally stays at Kings Pool Camp nearby.
There were several lionesses. This one is still quite young--see all the spots she still has. The lionesses were trying to sleep and the cubs were bored.
They practiced being grown up.
Then tried killing elephant dung.
Then they saw one of the older cubs starting to nap.
"Let's get him!"
He was totally unaware of the ambush beginning, as he rested from what appears to have been a large meal the night before.
We watched them for a long time because they were so cute and so full of mischief.  I think the lionesses were sick of their foolishness.
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