Hi again--hope you had nice holidays and are ready for some more letters.
Crocodiles are one of the scary things in Africa. They are responsible for many, many deaths of people who swim or cross rivers not knowing the crocs are there--or even people who are just washing clothes, gathering reeds, or getting water from the river's edge. It's hard to get an up close picture of a crocodile, because they go into the water so quickly when the vehicle approaches.
We never saw any small ones--they all seemed large.
This next one was basking on the bank of the Linyanti River too. It has its mouth agape to let the sunshine in...........really..........they told us that they do that to help their digestion.
Since I realize that's too far away to see well, I tried enlarging it so you could really tell its mouth is open. It's a little pixel-y--sorry.
We drove a little closer, but it immediately got up and turned towards the water.
When a crocodile gets up and walks, it looks really evil to me. They are wearing a smile, but I don't feel it's sincere! They move so fast and this one was gone before we got very near.
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