We actually saw better zebras later in the Kruger Park, but here are a few from Botswana. These are Burchell's zebras, which are the most common. You can tell that they are Burchells because they have the shadow stripes between some of the black stripes. Also their stripes go all the way under the tummy and down their legs.
But there are wide variations. The one above has rather narrow black stripes and prominent shadow stripes, but the one below has wide black stripes and hardly any shadow stripes. Supposedly the stripes are like finger prints--no two are alike.
Generally, zebras just turn and walk away so there are a lot of pictures of the south end of zebras. Here are some before they turned. Notice how thick the neck is on the stallion in front.
They actually stopped and looked at us too.
We did see Mountain Zebras in Namibia, but in the evening, with not enough light to take a picture. They were the Hartmann's subspecies that lives in dry areas and they have very even big black stripes that don't go under the belly. The other mountain zebra is the Cape subspecies, which we just got a glimpse of in Table Mountain Park in Cape Town. Mountain zebra was a new animal for me which made it very exciting.
Here is one from a book so you can see the difference.
My scanner doesn't like zebra stripes from a book either.....sorry.
Just a couple more zebras.
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