One day at the blind/hide at Duma Tau, we were so fortunate. Two roan antelope came down to drink. The roan is on the red list, meaning that it's endangered. The antelope were very far away and I've enlarged the pictures so you could see. That, combined with the fact that my scanner doesn't like zebra stripes, has resulted in some pretty pixely images. Sorry. Here's a picture of a roan antelope from a guide book so you can know what animal you're looking at. They are similar to a sable except in their color, which instead of rich chocolate brown like a sable, is........roan!
The roans first came in at the far end of the channel where there was a little water separated from the rest. In the rainy season this entire area is covered with water.
Then they tentatively moved a little nearer, hiding behind the zebras.
We were so hoping to get them in an unobstructed view. Patience paid off.
The water was so shallow that some ingenuity was required to get a drink.
The second one decided it must be okay if his friend is down on his knees drinking.
Then some slight noise or unexpected movement startled them........
...........and everybody ran for cover.
Wait for me.......
The two wildebeest in the background don't seem bothered at all. In cropping these pictures I noticed in the background, too small to see, giraffe, warthogs, baboons, and impala, as well as lots of birds. One could spend all day at a great spot like that. When the water is higher the animals come right up in front of the hide.
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