Our favorite animal is the cheetah !  Usually one sees cheetahs lying around like this.
and that's wonderful, but we were so lucky and saw a lot of cheetah action!  There will be more cheetah letters later, but here are some shots of a cheetah running.  I tried making an animation and it just didn't work, so these are separate shots.  You can see that Frank and I had different film at the time too.  We were both sure we had gotten the cheetah running flat out--he's faster than you think!  Neither of us got the full stretch.  The cheetah was on the other side of a large open area so these are resized up a little to make them easier to see.
Seeing the cheetahs in action was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.  There were two brothers and one, this one,  was quite shy and ran away.  You'll see the other one in an upcoming letter.
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