You'll have to indulge my whims to try stuff.  Here is an animation of the elephant crossing the road in Etosha.  If I had been thinking ahead, of course, I would have not changed anything on the camera and just snapped away so that each shot would have had the horizon in exactly the same place and the elephant would have been the same size in each picture.  But I had fun meeting the challenges of making them sort of flow anyway.
This elephant walked slowly to the middle of the road and then turned and gave us a look.  He turned a little more with the next step making it quite clear that we were not to continue yet.  The little shake of the head and the little curl of the trunk were enough to convince us that we'd be happy to wait.  The driver keeps the engine running around elephants on the move like this--never can tell when you might have to back up real fast! 
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