On the way back to camp from the Etosha water holes in the late morning the dusty wind in our faces was very uncomfortable and we drove for nearly an hour without seeing so much as a lonely springbok.  I was beginning to worry because I had raved to Frank and Marge about all the game they would see at Etosha and now there seemed to be none!  Then, just by the luck of our timing--five minutes earlier or later by this spot--we would never have known what we had missed.
There on the left, three elephants appeared!
They had obviously been tossing the white Etosha dirt on their backs and looked like giant silver ghosts as they silently approached.  The silver effect made them the prettiest elephants I've seen.  This one turned to look at us to be sure we knew his intentions to cross the road.
And then made it very clear that we should stay where we were--we agreed with him!
And they proceeded to cross. ( I have made a little .gif of one of them crossing for the next letter.)
They were very close as they crossed right in front of us.
Notice the worn, sort of broken tusk.  The scientists think there is something lacking in the nutrition of the Etosha elephants that results in short and often brittle tusks.  (I think this is a good shot--I like the foot action--wish I could have moved the horizon a little lower.)
Then they were across..........
..........and then they were gone, but it was a very exciting few minutes that made the whole morning complete!
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