Of course, as we went along in the Etosha Park we occasionally saw animals not near the waterholes.  Like a bachelor herd of springbok.
Or even, very exciting, three white rhino.
They were a mother, her daughter from a couple years ago and her more recent daughter also.  Note teeny second horn on the baby.  They are called white because of their wide, square mouths used for grazing (eating  grass).  The Afrikaans word for wide is weit, and it got Anglicized into white.  The black rhino has a prehensile mouth almost like the end of an elephant's trunk which is used for browsing (eating leaves).
They were just going along...........
..........looking for shade.  This is what they decided was as good as they would find and they settled down here.  Any is better than none as the middle of the day approached.
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