Some mornings we took walks and learned about the local uses of trees and all about dung and how to read animal tracks.  Our tracker, Linus, carried a rifle and told us how to act depending on which animal we met, but we didn't meet any dangerous ones.
Some bird stuff.........
Kori Bustard--this is the heaviest flying bird in Africa.
We were lucky enough to see the quelea come in to roost for the evening.
Millions and millions of them.  They are sparrow sized and considered a pest because they can devastate a field of grain in a very short time.  Here they are all getting a drink on the fly before settling in for the evening.
We went by acres and acres of bushes filled with their nests
Here's the nest of the whitebrowed sparrow weaver.  It has two openings for a quick escape.
Pied Crow.  That's not snow, of course, but the dry, dry Etosha Pan.
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